Click on the links below to find schedules for upcoming Parole Board hearings, as well as decisions from previous Parole Board hearings.

If you have any questions about these Revocation Dockets, you may call (225) 342-9191.

Hearings begin at 8:30 a.m., except for  CADDO and LSP.
CADDO and LSP hearings begin at 10:15 a.m.

Visitors should arrive 30 minutes prior to the hearing times to be processed in.  All visitors must have a picture ID.

Also, please note that beginning in June 2013, offender family members who wish to participate in a parole hearing must do so from the facility where the hearing is held (not from Headquarters in Baton Rouge).  Victims wishing to observe/speak at parole hearings have the option of participating from the hearing room at Headquarters in Baton Rouge or from the local district attorney’s office by telephone.

NOTICE: The Parole Board Dockets webpages are updated at noon everyday Monday through Friday and are subject to change. The date these dockets were last updated can be found on each of the pages below.