Louisiana Automated Victim Notification System: LAVNS

In 1999 the Legislature appropriated monies to provide an automated telephone system to keep crime victims informed of key events in an offender’s movement through the justice system (e.g., arrest, bail, court hearings, sentencing, incarceration and release). The massive undertaking is managed by the Louisiana Commission on Law Enforcement and Administration of Criminal Justice (LCLE), with the Department of Public Safety and Corrections one of a number of participating agencies.

The automated system is called by its acronym, LAVNS.  For victims registered through the Crime Victims Services Bureau, LAVNS will eventually offer telephone notification of key events.  In this way LAVNS will serve as a back up to the original system of notification letters.

Presently, LAVNS offers everyone access to a state inmate’s location by Internet [www.vinelink.com] and a 24-hour, toll-free telephone number: 866-528-6748.

Registering locally with LAVNS is NOT the same as registering with the Crime Victims Services Bureau.  Presently, one must register with the Department’s Crime Victims Services Bureau in order to receive notice of a state inmate’s projected release dates, actual release, and other actions noted above under the heading “Crime Victim Registration and Notification.”