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Board of Pardons (La. Administrative Code, Title 22, Part V)
Committee on Parole (La. Administrative Code, Title 22, Part XI)
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Parole Hearing Handbook (helpful information for victims and their family members)
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Clemency Application

Clemency/Pardon Application (For additional information, please review Board Policy 02-205.)
    "Pursuant to ACT 52 of the 2016 Louisiana Legislative Session, should I be granted a hearing before the Pardon Board, I agree to pay an assessment fee in the amount of $150 to the Department of Public Safety and Corrections for a Clemency Investigation to be conducted by Louisiana Probation and Parole."
R.S. 15:572(B) First Offender Pardon

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2012 Pardon-Parole Board Annual Report
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Report to Senate Concurrent Resolution No. 38 (Dec. 2016) 

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Pardon-Parole Board ACA Accreditation Report (2015)

Pardon-Parole Board ACA Accreditation Report (2018)