The Justice Reinvestment Initiative and Louisiana Prisoner Reentry Initiative

The Department was awarded the Justice Reinvestment Initiative – Maximizing State Reforms grant from the Department of Justice in 2014 to create and implement an automated risk, need, responsivity tool to inform structured decision making and identify criminogenic needs for all criminal justice stake holders.  The Department partnered with Louisiana State University, School of Sociology to create and validate the tool, which was named the TIGER (Targeted Interventions Gaining Enhanced Reentry).  The next phase of the project will involve automation of the tool, including integrating it with the offender case plan being developed in the Louisiana Prisoner Reentry Initiative.

The Department partnered with the Michigan Council on Crime and Delinquency (MCCD) to engage in strategic planning and revision of the reentry case planning continuum known as the Louisiana Prisoner Reentry Initiative.  MCCD has worked with several states to improve objective assessment and decision making, as well as case planning and systems integration.  An Implementation Steering Team (IST) involving staff from all disciplines and sections of the Department was brought together to work on the creation of a System Blueprint and Logic Model, as well as a Strategic Planning Framework for Prisoner Reentry.  The outcome of the work on the LA-PRI will be a unified Reentry Accountability Plan (ReAP) which will not only guide the offender and Departmental staff, but also other stake holders such as courts, the Parole Board, local jails, and community resource providers.  This case plan will now improve pre- and post- release programming and intervention planning, as well as better inform structured decisions of the courts and Parole Board.  The LA-PRI IST continues to meet on a quarterly basis to work on the ReAP and insure that it not only fully utilizes the TIGER, but informs the development and automation of the TIGER.