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01-101 Vision and Mission of the Board

01-102-POL- Powers and Duties-Parole Committee

01-102-A-POL-Offender Acknowledgement

103-POL- Composition of Parole Committee

01-103-A-DIR-Committee on Parole Administration

01-105 Discretionary Powers of the Pardon Board

01-107-A-DIR- Board Planning and Coordination

01-108-DIR- Use of Technology

01-108-DIR-A- Electronic Signature Authority

01-109-POL- Restrictions on Representation of Offenders

01-111-POL- Communications Between Board Members

01-112-DIR-Public and Legislative Relations

01-113-POL- Communications with Parole Commitee

01-114-DIR- Policies and Procedures

01-115-POL- Ethics

01-116-DIR- Travel

01-117-POL- Training

01-117-A-DIR- Board Member Training and Development

01-120-DIR- E-Mail

01-121-POL Board Spokesperson

01-122-DIR- Records Management

01-122-A-DIR-Records Retention Schedule

01-123-POL-Management Information Systems and Case Records

01-124-DIR- Fiscal Management


01-125-A-Organizational Chart

01-126-DIR-Research and Survey Projects

01-127-DIR- Physical Plant, Security, Safety and Emergency Procedures

02-201 – Types of Clemency

02-203 Eligibility for Clemency Consideration

02-205 Application Filing Procedures

02-207 – Capital Cases

02-208-DIR – Clemency for Capital Cases

02-209 – Hearings Before Bd of Pardons

03-301-POL- Parole Eligibility and Types of Parole

03-304-DIR- Parole Consideration for Youth Offenders 

03-305-DIR- Request for Continuance and/or Withdrawl

05-500-DIR-Parole Hearing Process

05-501-POL- Types of Meetings

05-503 POL- Parole Panels

05-505-POL- General Procedures

05-506-DIR-Scheduling and Dockets

05-507-POL-Business Meetings

05-509-POL- Victims-Parole Panel Hearings

05-511-POL- Panel Action

05-511-A-Special Needs

05-512-DIR- Duty Officer

05-513-POL- Single Member Action

05-513-A-FORM-Single Member Action

05-514-POL- Voting Votes Required

05-515-DIR- Public Meeting Decorum

07-701-POL Parole Decisions

07-703-POL Result of Decision to Grant or Deny Parole

07-705-POL Application for Parole Rehearing

07-705A-DIR-Rehearing Guidelines

07-707-POL- Parole Plans

07-709-Parole to Detainer

07-711-POL Conditional Parole

07-713-POL-Parole Supervision

08-801-POL-Ameliorative Penalty Consideration

09-901-POL- Certificate of Parole

09-903-POL- Sex Offenders General 

11-1101-POL- Types of Violations

11-1103-POL- Activity Report

11-1105-POL- Pre-Revocation Hearing

11-1107-DIR-Administrative Sanctions

11-1109-POL- Violation Report

11-1113-POL-Revocation Hearing

13-1301-POL- Time Must be Served if Revoked

15-1501-POL- Suspension of Supervised Parole

15-1503-Termination of Parole

17-1701-POL- Grievance Procedure


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