The Louisiana Department of Public Safety and Corrections — Corrections Services has a zero tolerance policy regarding sexual violence and sexual misconduct involving staff.  If you have information or believe an offender under custody of this Department has been subjected to conduct of this nature, please notify the warden’s office where the offender is assigned or the Probation and Parole District Office where the offender reports if he or she is under supervision.

Click here for the Department’s PREA policy.

The annual reports posted below are reviewed and approved by the DPS&C Secretary:

PREA Annual Report 2012

PREA Annual Report 2013

PREA Annual Report 2014

PREA Annual Report 2015

PREA Annual Report 2016

PREA Annual Report 2017

PREA Annual Report 2018

PREA audits for individual state correctional facilities are available upon request. Please follow the guidelines for making a public records request listed here.