As an individual affected by the criminal acts of another person, you have a right to participate in the justice system. If the individual who committed the crime has been sentenced to state custody and you want information about his status or the Department’s policies and programs or your rights and responsibilities, you may contact the Crime Victims Services Bureau at the number below or consult the agency’s web site at

Complete this form and mail or fax it to the address below if you wish to be notified when the offender who committed a crime against you makes a successful court appeal, is placed in a transitional work program or released from physical custody, escapes, or is scheduled for a Board of Pardons or Committee on Parole hearing.

To receive notification, you must maintain a correct address and/or telephone number with the Bureau

Contact Information
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Offender Information
Victim Information
Was this a sexual offense?
Was the victim under 18 at the time the crime was committed?
Are you or any of your family members employed by the Department of Public Safety and Corrections at a state prison?
Offenders are generally prohibited from writing their victims. However, in the future, if the offender who harmed you wrote a letter accepting responsibility for the crime and the harm it caused, would you want to know that such a letter existed?

Click the button below to download a Victim Notice & Registration form completed with the information you provided above. You will then need to submit the form to the address on that form.