Inside Out Newsletter

In 2019 the Secretary’s Families of the incarcerated Advisory Board (FIAB) was created to support connections between incarcerated people and their families through improved communications, shared information, issue identification, and resolution. In 2020, FIAB members divided into two subcommittees: communications and pre- and post-release. These subcommittees identified problems in their subject areas and recommended solutions.

The communications subcommittee proposed creating a Louisiana Department of Corrections (DOC) newsletter for friends and family members of incarcerated people. The first issue of this newsletter, called Inside Out, will be distributed quarterly. The newsletter will include updates on issues that matter to incarcerated people and their families. Please direct any questions to

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Louisiana Informational Handbook for Friends & Families of People in Prison

Incarceration is difficult for people in prison, and also for their families and friends. View our Informational Handbook for Friends & Families of People in Prison for basic information that affects you and your loved one.